Danavir Goswami's 2015 European Schedule


19th (Fri) – Kansas City, United States
29th (Mon) – Vienna, Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia
30th (Tues) – 2015 Czech summer camp


6th (Mon) – 2015 Serbian summer camp
12th (Sun) – Nis, Serbia
13th (Mon) – morning drive to Sophia, Bulgaria
16th (Thu) – drive to Skopje, Macedonia
18th (Sat) – fly to 2015 Prague Rathayatra
22nd (Wed) – 25th (Sat) – Helsinki, Finland & Tallinn, Estonia
26th (Sun) -28th (Tues) – Inishrath Northern Ireland
29th (Wed) -31st (Fri) – Scotland


1st (Sat) – 3rd (Mon) – London, England
4th (Tues) – morning fly to Sarajevo, Bosnia
4th (Tues) -7th (Fri) – in Sarajevo, Bosnia
8th (Sat) -11th (Tues) – Croatia
12th (Wed) – fly to Vienna, Austria (2 days in Bratislava, Slovakia)
16th (Sun) – Kosice, Slovakia (New Ekacakra)
18th (Tue) – Ahmedabad
31st (Mon) – Kansas City, United States

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